Radio Tribe Projects

Dr. Faustus and the Holiday Science Pageant

When child genius David Foss (Dr Faustus) invents a robot with dangerous and unique abilities, it falls to hall monitor and captain of the crossing guard Veronica Weber to set things right.


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Weekend Warriors

All Hell breaks loose when Ron asks Jack a simple question: 'So, what did you do this weekend'. What follows is a serious game of one-upsmanship, mayhem and a magical battle to the death.

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Mancrush the Movie

A fan-boy get's to realize the dream of a lifetime when he enters a contest to win a co-starring role on his favorite television show.



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The Shadow Diaries III: The Last Bounty

After a nearly fatal encounter with an old enemy, a young bounty hunter is given the opportunity to face her foe again in a winner take all contest.



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The Shadow Diaries II: Spider's Twilight

A young bounty hunter is contracted to apprehend a dangerous fighter from a rival clan in this unusual drama. Part one of a trilogy. Dark sci-fi with elements of kung fu.

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