Shawn Miller

Shawn started his career in the performing arts in 1987. He worked mostly in community theater, but his credits also include a few television pilots, a small role on 21 Jumpstreet and a feature film starring Beau Bridges.
In 1990 Shawn switched from the role of performer and started working in postproduction. Since then, he has worked as an audio/video editor, a camera operator and a motion graphics artist.


Renee Ragaza-Miller

Renee first got involved with the performing arts in 1987 as a volunteer for Seattle's Madrona Youth Theater. In the four years she worked with MYT, she acted as stage manager and prop-master. Today, she serves as producer and production manager for Radio Tribe.


Krista Cabanas

Krista has over five years of production experience in independent film and digital media. She grew up an urchin wanderer in an outlaw village of the Philippines, where life was hard and self-deprecating humor meant survival of the fittest. This may explain her spiritual connection to such apocalyptic works as the Mad Max trilogy, THX 1138, Children of Men, and Ron D. Moore's Battlestar Galactica. Krista graduated the Film & Video Communications program at Seattle Central Community College. She has answered life's birdsong by directing for Radio Tribe Productions.


Christine Day

Christine has always had a deep seated love for theater, film, fine arts and the human abilities to create, wonder and inspire. Film is a great medium for celebrating the human spirit and all of the fascinating traits that make us who we are as individuals. She appreciates a wide range of movies for an even wider range of reasons, but has a special place in her heart for the colorful and quirky.


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